Barcelona wants Reds Pay Full Price for Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho returning to Liverpool, as a general concept, exists somewhere inside the space among entirely not possible and probably entirely impossible, with no signal that the club has any aim of even exploring the opportunity.

Between Coutinho’s age—he’s now 28 years old—and wages, the way in which he left the club—he paid out of pocket simply to get away from Liverpool—and the current economic uncertainty because of coronavirus, it’s actually no longer an option.

Not that that’s stopped the hearsay mongers speakme about it as although it simply would possibly be. Though the ultra-modern chatter out of Spain has the impossible opportunity of Coutinho returning to the Reds taking a chunk of a hit. Due to Barcelona’s pride.

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As Mundo Deportivo spin it today, Liverpool have been in contact with Barcelona, but because of the Catalans feeling a tad fleeced with the aid of Coutinho’s sky-high switch fee, they won’t be thinking about a mortgage or below-value sale of the Brazilian to the Reds.

If it were any other club, then just maybe they might to get his wages off the books and recoup what they can. To mortgage or sell him back to Liverpool, although? And at a prime discount? Well, that could genuinely be unpalatable for Barcelona.

Whatever the reality of the problem on Barcelona’s end, of course, what we are sure of is that, having exceeded on Timo Werner at £50M due to monetary uncertainty, Liverpool won’t spend big—either on transfer charges or wages—this summer.
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