Neymar Jr Banned From Game Streaming Platform Twitch

PSG forward Neymar has been banned from live streaming platform Twitch for an unknown reason, although the Brazil star has claimed it's because he accidentally revealed Everton attacker Richarlison's personal contact number.

But the 28-yr-old took to his Instagram story (via 433) on Monday evening to reveal that he's been banned from live streaming gaming platform Twitch for seven days due to Richarlison. 

Neymar turned the camera and pointed at Richarlison as they joked about the matter. This comes after Neymar accidentally shared Richarlison's personal contact number in October while on Twitch.

 It's possible that Neymar's ban has happen after variety of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) strikes. However, the report does also allude to the leaking of the Everton forward's personal information as another potential explanation. (Globo Esporte)

Indeed, sharing personal information of another person goes against Twitch's privacy policy and a ban of some form would be an inexpensive punishment. This offence happened in October while Neymar was on Twitch and attempted to call Richarlison.

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